Care fiction

concept, experimental, website

Developed with Francesca Tambussi and Elias Rhouzlane.

Care Fiction is a project developed during Stigmergy, the 2020 research seminar led by Martina Muzi at Design Academy Eindhoven.
Invited to think at the intersection of the broad phenomena of self-organized systems and the notion of care, we, a group of three master students with a shared interest in the digital and urban Commons, built a thinking toy for commoning co-fabulation. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer website where anonimous visitors are invited to co-write and sketch a commoning story around an abandoned building in Eindhoven.

Through playful exercise and experimentation, it aims at laying the imaginative foundation for future Commons. By bringing to the foreground the phase 0 of every collective enterprise—the dreaming stage—it provides a space for rehearsal of commoning, envisioning and projecting. It aims at raising questions regarding the care of public and not-so-public spaces and resources in the city.