Ciona are doing well 

research, editorial

Ciona are doing well is a design research project made in collaboration with Benedetta Pompili. The book focuses on Ciona intestinalis, a little-known organism, unconsidered and unrepresented in culture. It tells the life of Ciona while showing the resilient features that makes them such a special animal.
Through a down to earth and playful tone, it familiarizes the readers with this alien-looking being, that is genetically closer to humans than expected.

The project is part of the Pedagogies of the Sea course at the MA Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven held by Angela Rui and Anastasia Kubrak. The class approaches the ocean from an ontological perspective, and explores how thinking with the ocean as a theoretical and research tool can foster the ability of designers to generate awareness and social change.

Mention in Design Parallax by Angela Rui
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