Lahar Berlin 

co-founder and artistic director, editorial design

photos by Jannike Stelling 

Lahar is a pocket-sized zine that opens up into a poster. With a different theme giving shape to each issue, it aims to explore different facets of common concepts that are present in our daily lives and that sometimes go unnoticed.

Founded in 2016 and active until the end of 2019, Lahar Berlin was the daughter-project of an Italian publication and partly supported by it, yet independent in its organisation and content choices.
It is submission-based and it collects contributions from all over the world. It comprises short fiction, photography and illustrations, including work by non-professional artists. All team members are volunteering and driven by a desire to provide a platform to show creative work; it is a pretext to establish conversations and connections. We aim to reach a broader audience by presenting Lahar with launch events and by participating to independent zine festivals.

Members of the team, at different times, have been: Celeste Moura, Linda Rossi, Rosita Uricchio, Ludovica Francesca Lombardi, Charles Chan-Wai Wong, Eleni Gkelameri, Jasmina Janoschka, Giulia Lago, Tamara Fantinato.