concept, mockup

This is a project from 2013, a very old one, but I still appreciate the amusing character of it. Iole is a light and easy transportable anchor for air matresses. 

When thinking of a possible idea for my bachelor’s graduation project, I reflected upon one of the role of the “problem solvers” that designers takes on. I considered that I could problably solve best the problems I had most experience with. I knew wasn’t facing any particular challenge, so I concluded I could solve a very trivial problem.
Sleeping on a floating mattress is great, but you can’t relax if you’re afraid of being pushed around by the waves.

The body is designed to be made in a single material (high density PE) and contains a deflated air matress and a rope. Once these are pulled out, it must be filled with sand or pebbles to reach the required mass to sink and grasp the sea bottom. This would allow the user to take a nap on a floating mattress, without worrying about drifting away.
I considered the context and conditions of use and tried to make use of what was already there. I decided to reduce the number of materials to minimum, in order to eventually make disassembly and recyclyng easier. 

In June 2016 Iole won the ADI Targa Giovani, an award for young designers issued by the Italian Design Association.

The anchor’s body is composed of three pieces to enhance its strength.